Freezing days

Lately, I have no time and also temperatures has gone down (drawing outside is not a good idea) so David and I have decided today going to the library, but til 16,00h d0es not open. So we have decided going to the cantine and have something. This is the result.

L'Ós Mandrós. The Lazy Bear.

My daugther, a friend of her, her father and I have come to Barberà Library and there we have had a lot of fun. L'Ós Mandrós/The Lazy Bear tells and plays wonderful tales. He brings a backpack full up with strange and noisy objects which participate in his play. Unfortunatelly he uses only catalan and spanish, no english. Sorry.

Again on The Train (2). Delayed drawings

I have a lot of work which I haven't upload yet. Next days I'll try to do it. I hope so. Enjoy them.

When I'm reading my agenda and preparing my appointments, sometimes I draw on it.

Again on The Train (1)

I haven't realized until today: I'm doing a series called "Again on the train". On october I have started a postgrad, so I live far from Barcelona I have to go by train and What could I do while I'm on the train? Yes, drawing.

25th Barcelona's Sketch Crawl

Here there are, all the drawings I have done yesterday with the Barcelona's Sketchcrawl gang.

I started a new sketchbook. My feelings were not so good, because ink spreads and you must pay attention. But "Again On Train" series go ahead and some people along my trip to Barcelona has been sketched.

I arrived 20 minutes before 11, but I was in the wrong place. Usually Mr. Eclecticbox is very punctual so it was a bit strange. Anyway, I started warming up with an sculpture that you could find in front Geological Museum.

I suggest get into the Museum of Natural Sciences and drawing the collection. I decided sketch a general view and a Tibetan Stump-tailed Macaco. Afterwards we went to Ciutadella Fountain. Some of the gang left, Jordi and her daugther Teresa, and Aurelie, a Jason's friend, and Carmen, a friend of mine, joined us.

My first coloured sketch make crystal clear that my new sektchbook does not fit to use watercolour, so I decided to use my colour pencils.

Then I went to the Ciutadella's pond. People with boats and ducks swiming pacefully. Lapin joined us. It was lunch time, Carmen and I ate our "bocadillos" and chat for a while with Lapin about drawing and the Sketchcrawl as a very good initiative.

My last drawings. Sun was desappearing and it was cooler. Lapin, Eclecticbox and Aurelie went have a drink and Carmen and I left. It has been a great time share with all of you. Thank you.

Colored crane

Playing football behind Mataro Decathlon Center

At the swimmingpool

Mothers awaiting their children finish swimming courses.

Parc de Can Serra

Graffities are art? Are vandalism? I don't know. Probably as everything, when you don't know what you are doing and why you are doing it, it could be called stupid act. Human being acts like this more than it should be. Anyway, today we have decided drawing at the Can Serra Park. I have focused my interest in playground, at that time empty. But while We were drawing I pay atention to a place busiest, it was a crowd who was playing petanque, old retired people who was spending its spare time with theirs colleagues.

Crane at the Sabadell Sud Station

Again in a train station. Now I was waiting my train to Barcelona and I had only time to draw it, not colouring it. Anyway I love machinery, I love everything that people don't care and not pay atention to it, like Gabi Campanario does, when he draws a building construction.

Barberà del Vallès train station

Have long wanted to draw the train station where I live. This the second time we meet David and I to draw our surroundings after dropping off our daughters at school.


Sunday is sunday. The day were we have rest, the day were He had a rest. Since workers won more privileges, sunday has become the day were people go out, go away from the cities and the neighbourhoods. Here in Spain we call ourselves: "Domingueros".

Campoamor, Sabadell

Sun sets everytime earlier and summer is gone. Well, now colours will change here. Beyond the bleaches aisle there is this street and this lights. I don't like winter because sun stay with us less and less time.

A promise is a promise

As I said I participate in the 53rd Tossa's Fast Painting Contest and this is my creation. I think colours are not brilliant enough, they are not fair reflection of the Costa Brava. Next year.

The 24th Skecthcrawl in Barcelona

My first time participating at the Sketchcrawl, not all the day but very happy. Because I found a bunch of people interested in drawing just simple as this, all together hit the city and draw. Here there are mines, but if you visit the official website will find a huge amount of exceptional drawings.

The mornig started cloudy, the day after it rained at the coast. We had meet at Barceloneta station. Cesar, was the first there, then I arrived, after me came Jason, Zingo (Is it well spelled?) with a friend (sorry I don't remember her name) and at the end arrived Monica. We decided go to the Barceloneta beach. Next to the Cubical colum we spread out and started drawing.

People is the most difficult thing. They are always moving, but the thing is that I am a slow drawer.

My last drawing it was inside Barceloneta's market. Again people was moving more than at the beach, but the "paradas" with their products were in place. I'm happy because all the people I have meet. See you next Sketchcrawl.

The 53rd Tossa de Mar's Painting Contest

Yesterday I took the oportunity to go to a "Fast painting contest", I don't know what is the English equivalent. The thing is you should paint something related to the city which organizes the contest. I didn't won (I always keep some hope, very childish from me) but I figured out I should work above all my colouring. I have no pictures, I haven't my drawing because I left it in an exhibition. But when I go to pick it up I'll show it, take it for granted.

A box is just a box

Not for me. Today I found a box sitting on a chair. Lying and resting up after a hard day. Now, inside itself there are some bend boxes. They also are resting.

Plaza Mayor, Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain

La Plaza Mayor is more or less like the Mall in the United States cities, but adding four centuries more. Here just next to the city church, devoted to St. Martin, there is a Pizarro's statue. For those who doesn't anything about him in short he lived in fifteenth century, he was an illegitimate son, had a brother from his second mother's marriage with whom went to Peru. I had some expedition to America, had some figths and, finally was assassinated.

Valdepeñas, Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Good wine and good cheese, but it are not the only positive things you could find in Castilla la Mancha. Here there are a drawing of "La Asuncion" bellfry church and a picture of the castillian fields. Here, it is said "ancha es Castilla", it means "Castilla is wide", and I would add "and red".

Las lagunas de Ruidera, Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Summer holidays has just finnished and rigth now I am scanning some drawings I have drawn. Here it is one of them, it is Ruidera a place with natural lagoons.

Cakes and so many delicious cookies. Waiting before I must present myself infront a jury.

Lately I'm drawing, as so many people, using my mp3 player. But I don't listen to as usual, song by song from a single album. I use an starting song and Genius makes a selection. This sketch was drawn beginning with "Sunday Shining" by Finley Qualey.

The jury had to choose a teacher to substitute the associate teacher.

Thinking about Christmas

I would do away with all the traditions of Christmas. Impose a new tree in place of Christmas trees, the new tree is called: "The Wishes Tree". Every day before entering the winter solstice adding papers would go with our wishes. The last day to be able to hang our wishes would be the final day of the year.


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