Water tower

On the left the greenish colum is a water tower. Nowadays it doesn't work, we don't need it. But it is quite sad that we forget our past, it is because we are here. Sad.

Parc de Can Serra

Fathers watch their children, they just do that. Although mothers interact and play. That's the difference between us and them.

Tree, clouds and wind

Lately I'm not drawing very much this week we have started again our meetings. I feel uncomfortable. I have just drawn this tree. Cold is still punishing us and wind was very annoying.

Il Trovatore at Liceu's Opera

On December 30th my couple and I went to the Liceu's Opera.With a new sketchbook on my hands, we went to see Il Trovatore, it was our first opera. Can you believe it? Yes, it's true. Tickets were expensive, but it was great experience. In the middle of darkness I drew some sketches. Sometimes I drew them without looking at the sketchbook, jus trying to catch singers movements.


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