I'm preparing two illustrations for a shopwindow. I have the opportunity of talking about christmas but using a critic claim as this one: "I hope it will be a book". I think Christmas has to change, in order to recover its former aim. Families get together and consumerism is just this consumerism.
Today has come a customer to the Bleaches Aisle and he has explained me this story.

Mi amigo Georges

I have never seen one of those so near. It was fantastic.

Here I tried to use the most impressives labellers tones.

My Moleskine, I bought it but its pages are too thine to use a Pentel.

Estudi Jardí

Sometime ago I used to send a CD with my drawings and illustrations. Now I only ask to check out my blog.

Dreams are dreams and I never try to find out what is their meaning. I do the same with my drawings.
Sometimes I find something in the bleaches aisle. Sometimes I am bored and I draw what it is in front of me.

I do not remember her.

Mac MOO Series

Beyond the bleaches aisle there is something more. What is it? I do not know. Let's find it out.
Sometimes mini trousers are a questions of limits.
Waiting a train I draw this


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