Drawing ships and people

This drawing has been done using my Sailor Calligraphy for general outline and also a Lamy Safari with M nib for details. Watercolour has been following Shari Blaukopf workshop: Triad Symphony.

One thing I have got from Shari Blaukopf is that we do not need a big palette for colouring, we do not need a big infrastructure, on the other hand you should invest in good brushes or watercolours or not. It is always in your hands and you have to make a choice.

Parking Shakespeare offers for free open air classical plays in Barcelona in el Parc de l'Estació del Nord. After finishing th play an actor, Cesar "Eclectic Box"'s friend, came to us (Eclectic Box, David Ramírez and Shiem BCN and me) and talk to us about how thing are more and more difficult for actors. I showed him my drawing and noticed that it is not like a photography. Drawings are a sum up of bites of time. Here there are at least 5 different moments of the play and 30 or more different moments. Colour is in the same way as in the ship 3 or 4 at most colours. It was quite difficult to follow the thread while I was drawing. But it was great and they are amazing actors and actresses.


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