Drawing in Châtel-Guyon for Route de Villes d'Eaux 1/2

One week ago I arrived to Châtel-Guyon, I was received by the owner and the receptionist, Michel, of my hotel and I was really pleased by their warm welcome. I felt tired of long, long trip by car and I arrived just in time to have supper.

Along the journey I also drew some sketches of my meals. They were just some snack, something fast to hit the road as quick as I could.

All the days I have spent in Châtel-Guyon have been a bit wet, most of my journeys was so. Fortunately I had the chance to change my plans from outdoor sketches to interior drawings. Like the theater. A really nice and refurbished building thanks to the people's funding which raised enough money to get a brand new building.

But my first sketch was on the top of mount of the Calvary. I couldn't finish it because I had a meeting with Elisabeth the tourist office director's and president of the Jazz festival. 

I needed a second chance but it wasn't the best one because weather, as I have mention before, was a bit fuzzy, rain, wind, sun, hot, freezing,... Everything in just a question of hours.

I had experience ups and downs with my drawings. People say that drawing and arts are for having fun, of course they are for that but also to experience frustration, it is part of the learning process, it is part of being a person. Here there are some of those which have been part of May learning process:


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