Commuting is the greatest way to reach the highest levels in your creativity

Maybe you are on your way to your job and as usual you are checking your FB account. Maybe you are watching your favourite TV show on your cellphone, or you are just answering all the e-mail that you have received. Yes, you are like most  of us: a cell phone junkie, AKA media junkie. We are spreading our information all over the web. This morning I have read an article about our accepted unawareness of having become a target of algorithms. We have lost control, says Byung Chul Han (Seoul, 1959). Again. Yesterday Elisabet had to make a speech about a book by Yuval Noah Harari (Qiryat Atta, 1976), Homo Deus (2015) and he is also talking about control. When humankind believed in God everything was easier because it was in his hands, nevertheless with science God disappeared and the final reward too, the Paradise in Heaven. Now everything is under control, is it? Or it is under as Byung says under algorithms?

*I have corrected my note from "her" to "herself".


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