The 24th Skecthcrawl in Barcelona

My first time participating at the Sketchcrawl, not all the day but very happy. Because I found a bunch of people interested in drawing just simple as this, all together hit the city and draw. Here there are mines, but if you visit the official website will find a huge amount of exceptional drawings.

The mornig started cloudy, the day after it rained at the coast. We had meet at Barceloneta station. Cesar, was the first there, then I arrived, after me came Jason, Zingo (Is it well spelled?) with a friend (sorry I don't remember her name) and at the end arrived Monica. We decided go to the Barceloneta beach. Next to the Cubical colum we spread out and started drawing.

People is the most difficult thing. They are always moving, but the thing is that I am a slow drawer.

My last drawing it was inside Barceloneta's market. Again people was moving more than at the beach, but the "paradas" with their products were in place. I'm happy because all the people I have meet. See you next Sketchcrawl.


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