Portraying in London

Right now I'm in the middle of a commission and I can't hardly stop thinking about this summer. I'm still recovering myself from three weeks in London but I'm still also thinking about Santo Domingo experience.

I owe some e-mails, some messages and a book. Sorry about that, I promise I'll do everything be patient.

 First of all I want to show some portraits I drew in London. Little by little I'm less shy and I don't care about likeness. So here they are.

Adil and Monsieur de Novins Monsieur de Novins and Yong Marc and Andrea Konrad and Sonja

Talk and Draw at the National Gallery

Talk and Draw in the National Gallery

Enjoying such a great experience is some of the things that still I'm enjoying here in London. I don't believe that it would be possible in Catalonia, but I would enjoy it. Anyway, I'm sure that we could manage to do it even better than the National Gallery education Service.

Talk and Draw


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