Again on The Train (6). Sketchcrawl "à petit comité", Vilanova i la Geltrú, the Railway Museum and the Mikado's steam locomotive.

Yesterday, Jordi Cots, Juan Carlos Beneyto and me met together for the last Barcelona's Sketchcrawl before summer begins. The aim was go to Vilanova i la Geltrú a city near to Barcelona and go to the Railway Museum. It has been the first but not the last time I have been there. As always, time has been the problem because we visited everything, wandering around and enjoying such beautiful steam engines. Finally, I decided drawing an engine called "Mikado", because it was the last steam engine in Spain and it finished working in 1975, the year I was born. At last, when we were going back home, we drawn the Vilanova i la Geltrú Station.

Ayer, Jordi Cots, Juan Carlos Beneyto y yo reunimos para realizar el último Sketchcrawl de Barcelona antes de verano. El objetivo era ir a Vilanova i la Geltrú, una ciudad cercana a Barcelona e ir al Museo del Ferrocarril. Ha sido mi primera pero no la última vez que he estado allí. Como siempre, el tiempo ha sido el problema porque lo visitamos todo, recorriendo y disfrutando de las hermosas máquinas de vapor. Finalmente, decidí dibujar una máquina llamada "Mikado", porque fue la última máquina de vapor en España y que dejó de funcionar en 1975, el año en que nací.  A última hora, ya cuando volvíamos, dibujamos la estación de Vilanova i la Geltrú.

After buying my ticket to Vilanova I tried to draw my local train station, but I couldn't finish it because train arrived on time, could you believe it? Anyway, lately I'm using black and blue ballpoint pens. It is a way of working on main subject and all surrounds it. You can see it more clear on Vilanova's Train Station sketch.

Después de comprar mi billete hacia Vilanova intenté dibujar la estación de tren local. Pero no pude acabarlo porque el tren llegó a la hora. ¿Te lo puedes creer? Es igual, ultimamente uso bolígrafros de color azul y negro. Es una manera de trabajar el tema principal y todo lo que le rodea. Lo puedes ver más claro en el boceto de la estación de Vilanova.

A corner at the shop

A corner wherever you look at could become an interesting place, like my mom's shop corners'.

Long time ago at the swiming pool

This afternoon I will accompany my daughter to the swiming pool, there is a place where sport and health go together. The atmosphear remains stuck in the past, in the seventies, the building has not been reshaped yet, but I like it that way.

Drawing a portrait. JK, Yevgenia Watts/Arxigene

"Retrato Party", promoted by Julia Kay (Fernando Alonso and Shakira)

One of my multiple weaknesses is drawing human being, portraits and so on. This is why I have become a "Retrato Party"'s member. It is a big opportunity to learn and share. This my "Retrato Party"'s sketchbook. Yesterday I drew two pictures from a newspaper.


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