ICON, El Pais. Delicatessen still life.

Last month one of my illustrations was published in ICON. It was an another still life illustration but now I introduced two people. I was asked to draw a Deli shop with plenty of different product as french cheese, japanese rice, mexican liquor, german sausage, and many more. They ask me to place all of it inside the shop but I propose a different concept: draw them individually and then place them above de Deli shop. 

This is the final art with the layout mixing text and illustration and some lettering of all the product shown in itself.

Here there are some details from the final illustration, it was really interesting to mix different techniques as pencil, ink, watercolor, color pencil and calligraphic dip pen. Everything mixed using a raster graphic editor.

Here there are my originals. I worked as I'm doing lately with an sketchbook, one from Sea White. Paper is not a great deal it doesn't stand too much washes but texture is fine and sometimes it creates unique blossoms. I do not need great papers I'm really flexible. 

Detail from my original rough idea.

 Lettering and original illustration.

More details and previous version for the Deli shop. 

 Yummy detail, probably the product less delicatessen from the still life.

Missing pieces from our history

Two weeks ago I went with some sketchers, Montse Fortino, Maria Per, Mercè Algueró and Montse Fando, thanks to Clara Baylina, sketcher too, to her brother's Bakery. Lately in Barcelona plenty of old establishments are closing forever. All of them rooted to neighborhoods, districts or the whole city, like VINÇON. Baylina's Bakery is less noticeable, not as famous as VINÇON, but as important as it.

First logo design

 Behind the counter we found a butter smell workshop

Is time to retire to Oriol, Clara's brother, who has ran family business since he was young and now no one will follow in charge of it, one of the oldest cake makers in Barcelona, since 1899. The same year which football club Barcelona was founded. L'Oriol is happy, not sad, because he will spend more time with hir wife and practicing his favourite hobby, photography.

L'Oriol has plenty of stories about his business, now is time to sell all the machines and memories from his whole life.


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