That's my favourite drawing tool. My magic watercolour set box.

I'm preparing two illustrations for a shopwindow. I have the opportunity of talking about christmas but using a critic claim as this one: "I hope it will be a book". I think Christmas has to change, in order to recover its former aim. Families get together and consumerism is just this consumerism.
Today has come a customer to the Bleaches Aisle and he has explained me this story.

Mi amigo Georges

I have never seen one of those so near. It was fantastic.

Here I tried to use the most impressives labellers tones.

My Moleskine, I bought it but its pages are too thine to use a Pentel.

Estudi Jardí

Sometime ago I used to send a CD with my drawings and illustrations. Now I only ask to check out my blog.

Dreams are dreams and I never try to find out what is their meaning. I do the same with my drawings.
Sometimes I find something in the bleaches aisle. Sometimes I am bored and I draw what it is in front of me.

I do not remember her.

Mac MOO Series

Beyond the bleaches aisle there is something more. What is it? I do not know. Let's find it out.
Sometimes mini trousers are a questions of limits.
Waiting a train I draw this

Ésta es... no me acuerdo.
Today I have decided to endorse this blog using only English. The prior posts were in catalan, my second language, it is not my mother tongue, but I daily use it. Nevertheless, I don't use English as usual as I want so this is reason. I hope you will enjoy my posts.

What does catalan people think while they are on holidays? Probably in the money they are spreading and they will need to pay their mortgage.


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