Drawing Meeting of Urban Sketchers in Mallorca with Rolf Schröter (with blue ink)

Last october I went to a drawing meeting to a nice island and I finished an sketchbook. I called it "The Blue Sketchbook" because I have been using a blue ink that Miguel Herranz gave to me, and obviously an sketchbook with blue cover should be called "The Blue Sketchbook". Blue ink and two blue pencils has been the three most used drawing tools along its pages, so blue was the color. 

Drawing in Mallorca, one of the nicest island in the Mediterranean sea of the Balearic islands, was an adventure which became reality thanks to Catalina Rigo and Feliu Renom first of all, because they asked to the "Còmic Nostrum" organisation invite me and also to Rolf Schröter, in order to organise a drawing meeting to share our experience.


I went with Elisabet my wife and our suitcase was just one. Just for a weekend you do not need too much things to bring with you.

Airports are a strange place, a place where sometimes you spend too much time. This is the reason when you have an sketchbook and you have the opportunity of drawing some planes, time flies and suddenly you are called to get into your flight.

From an idea which Jorge Arranz show to us in Zaragoza in 2009 in "De Vuelta con el Cuaderno" summer course I drew our short flight.

Just when we arrived we get into a nice circus tent. Rolf and us arrive at the same time and were welcome by Feliu Renom. Weather and temperature were nice. 



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