25th Barcelona's Sketch Crawl

Here there are, all the drawings I have done yesterday with the Barcelona's Sketchcrawl gang.

I started a new sketchbook. My feelings were not so good, because ink spreads and you must pay attention. But "Again On Train" series go ahead and some people along my trip to Barcelona has been sketched.

I arrived 20 minutes before 11, but I was in the wrong place. Usually Mr. Eclecticbox is very punctual so it was a bit strange. Anyway, I started warming up with an sculpture that you could find in front Geological Museum.

I suggest get into the Museum of Natural Sciences and drawing the collection. I decided sketch a general view and a Tibetan Stump-tailed Macaco. Afterwards we went to Ciutadella Fountain. Some of the gang left, Jordi and her daugther Teresa, and Aurelie, a Jason's friend, and Carmen, a friend of mine, joined us.

My first coloured sketch make crystal clear that my new sektchbook does not fit to use watercolour, so I decided to use my colour pencils.

Then I went to the Ciutadella's pond. People with boats and ducks swiming pacefully. Lapin joined us. It was lunch time, Carmen and I ate our "bocadillos" and chat for a while with Lapin about drawing and the Sketchcrawl as a very good initiative.

My last drawings. Sun was desappearing and it was cooler. Lapin, Eclecticbox and Aurelie went have a drink and Carmen and I left. It has been a great time share with all of you. Thank you.



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