Parc de Can Serra

Graffities are art? Are vandalism? I don't know. Probably as everything, when you don't know what you are doing and why you are doing it, it could be called stupid act. Human being acts like this more than it should be. Anyway, today we have decided drawing at the Can Serra Park. I have focused my interest in playground, at that time empty. But while We were drawing I pay atention to a place busiest, it was a crowd who was playing petanque, old retired people who was spending its spare time with theirs colleagues.

Crane at the Sabadell Sud Station

Again in a train station. Now I was waiting my train to Barcelona and I had only time to draw it, not colouring it. Anyway I love machinery, I love everything that people don't care and not pay atention to it, like Gabi Campanario does, when he draws a building construction.

Barberà del Vallès train station

Have long wanted to draw the train station where I live. This the second time we meet David and I to draw our surroundings after dropping off our daughters at school.


Sunday is sunday. The day were we have rest, the day were He had a rest. Since workers won more privileges, sunday has become the day were people go out, go away from the cities and the neighbourhoods. Here in Spain we call ourselves: "Domingueros".

Campoamor, Sabadell

Sun sets everytime earlier and summer is gone. Well, now colours will change here. Beyond the bleaches aisle there is this street and this lights. I don't like winter because sun stay with us less and less time.

A promise is a promise

As I said I participate in the 53rd Tossa's Fast Painting Contest and this is my creation. I think colours are not brilliant enough, they are not fair reflection of the Costa Brava. Next year.


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