Again on the train

People up and down. People in front of me. Government has announced that the train ticket prices will raise the next year. Public transportation in Catalonia has not improved as in Madrid community so it is seen as an unpopular measure. I love traveling by train because you can draw along the path and exercice my unused pens.

Beyond the bleaches aisle I do travel to Barcelona, but I don't have the same experience drawing people as Gabi Campanario. Here they are some sketches.

Waiting the train coming back to my home.

Checking some of the artist who participate at the UrbanSketchers, I have found Pete Scully and his description. Interesting because he explains among some other things which are his drawings tools: copic pens. No news until now about them, so I have done a short research on the net and what I have found is two pages devoted to pens.

Today I have helped my mum in her shop. Life behind the counter is different. You are not a person, you are serving the people. A neighborhood shop is far different from a supermarket. Nowadays I am worried about my mum's future, because two streets away from her shop a big company is building a supermarket.

I really appreciate his work. Very intelligent and clever, with some doses of humor. Don't miss visit his home page.
As long ago that not hanging any artwork and the truth is that I am still in it but I do not have time for everything, I decided to make a collection of drawings. I was trying to remember why I was there that day and the truth is that I do not.

A few weeks ago Aitana, Eli and I went to a playground near where we live. I do not like it for just one thing: the stones which are always on our flat floor after going there. All come in our daugther's pockets or shoes. Now I understand when my mother was angry with my brother and me.

Drawing with my daugther and colouring is funny. Especially because, at the moment, she doesn't bind me choosing which colour I must use in the background. We will see in the future.
Our hands now are on the web.
"Hi!, my name is Deiviz Lladós (David)."
"I'm going to tell you an anecdote."
"Once, a friend of mine came to visit me."
"He came to spent some days."
"We went out."
"We had a lot of fun."
"Lot of."
"But a wolf-girl came across me."
"I disappeared with her."
"And I stood him up for a woman. Now my friend is not my friend."

When a dog is daydreaming it is sure that they have better images than human beings. That storyabout they only perceive in grey it is nonsense.

La veritat és que no ens importa gens ni mica que en Roger jugui una mica als escacs amb n'Anselmo. Quan el sentim a l'"On vols anar a parar" ens ho passem molt bé. Gràcies gent.
La moda dels ponies ha anat més enllà de l'"On vols anar a parar". El Manel Fuentes, en Joan Barril i el Xavier Solà també han decidit comprar-se un pony. No tenim ni idea si això tindrà algun efecte "a posteriori". Però el que sabem del cert és que l'Anselmo i el Papiol no estaran mai més sols. Susi a veure si t'animes a comprar-te un i deixes la moto.
Les aventures d'en Papiol i n'Anselmo. A l'"On vols anar a parar" de Catalunya Ràdio.
Papiol going to bed. Hope you look after him much more, Lluci!
Anselmo helping Roger Serra at RACC.

A new member has participated designing this wonderful lamp. She's two years and a half old. I have made the base from cardboard. But the most remarkable are the drawings.

Their exhibition testifies drawing could become part of art. I haven't been yet but I hope sooner I could go. Meanwhile I've visited their homepage and I have found some interesting compositions, quite bizarres, from my point of view.

After being disconnected, now I am on air again. Problems with my DSL were the reason. Sorry If I did not kept on hanging my drawings. Here it is one of them. In fact, I have not drawn very much. You know, holidays.


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