Freezing days

Lately, I have no time and also temperatures has gone down (drawing outside is not a good idea) so David and I have decided today going to the library, but til 16,00h d0es not open. So we have decided going to the cantine and have something. This is the result.

L'Ós Mandrós. The Lazy Bear.

My daugther, a friend of her, her father and I have come to Barberà Library and there we have had a lot of fun. L'Ós Mandrós/The Lazy Bear tells and plays wonderful tales. He brings a backpack full up with strange and noisy objects which participate in his play. Unfortunatelly he uses only catalan and spanish, no english. Sorry.

Again on The Train (2). Delayed drawings

I have a lot of work which I haven't upload yet. Next days I'll try to do it. I hope so. Enjoy them.

When I'm reading my agenda and preparing my appointments, sometimes I draw on it.


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