If you are seated next to an emergency exit...

Last week when I took my plane to the UK I was asked to move to a seat next to the emergency exit. Flight attendant also asked me to read all the step by step in case of an emergency. I decided to draw it using myself as the main character.

There are plenty of people scared when they take a plane, I'm not. Maybe it is the way I am, maybe is that I feel like I'm taking a bus. Nevertheless, I'm lucky because most of the time I'm drawing and I'm worried about my leaking brushes, because of the pressure inside the cabin, and all these worries keep my brain busy.

After having a look to the emergency guidelines I felt a bit worried but then I saw it from the funny side. Hieratic figures of the original step by step were like "ok, we have suffered a flight crash but everything is fine." In some way figures and situation didn't fit to each other. I imagine something like "Lost" scenes where all the passengers started shouting and hand luggage was floating around.

Once I started my step by step I stopped because flight attendants started their play. Yes, that one that you should followed even if you are a regular traveller.

Life vest and oxygen mask are cool. Don't you think that a theme park about "fake emergency situations" would succeed? Human being is quite complicated, aren't we?

Usually I draw an indoor landscape or I pay attention to my flight mates but this time I decided to spent my flight drawing an step by step. Here there are some steps. 

While draw the step by by I decided to keep myself with the same mood that the original does. It is an emergency, ;-)


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