Again on the train. From Barberà to Sant Joan Despí (round trip ticket).

El tren és el millor lloc per dibuixar gent. Sempre gaudeixo dels retrats de Lynne Chapman "al tren" i de molts més que fan el mateix. Els viatgers són models paciènts que de vegades són amables i posen davant teu durant 20 minuts o, a vegades, menys, i aquesta incertesa força la teva velocitat dibuixant. Els dorments de dia són els models més agradables, després dels addictes als telèfons intel·ligents. Mentre dibuixo en el tren no puc evitar que la meva ment començi a inventar històries sobre la vida de la gent, amb molt drama o felicitat, cosa que depèn de l'aparença cares.

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Exhibition at the Mitte Barcelona Gallery

Yesterday was the inauguration of the "Twisted reality" a collective exhibition of some Urban Sketchers which were invited by Mitte gallery to show the way we draw our reality. This is a great way to share this wonderful joy of drawing on sketchbooks. Little by little, recognition is increasing among people and society and we (Urban Sketchers) are part of this. Now, from my point of view, next step is to show its potential as a communication tool. Most of us have already done it with great artworks as Melanie Reim, Veronica Lawlor, Lapin, Marc Taro, Gabi Campanario, Thomas Thornspecke, Mike Daikubara, Danny Gregory, Simonetta Cappechi,… and many more. Now is time for stories, documentaries, docubooks,… I'm not telling something new but now storytelling is more necessary than ever. Tell stories through drawings better than pictures. Photographers do not get angry with my opinion but thanks to smartphones photography has become massive, we are bombed daily by thousand of photographies and we are overexposed to them. Drawings become icons, photographies has become fast food. Do not get wrong, I really love photography, I do, but now not many photographies are really touching. I feel sorry about that.

If you are interested you can buy my prints at the gallery, they are limited edition or you can ask me to buy one sending an e-mail to:

Here they are, the 8 rules.

Getting into the exhibition 

The Open Wall (USk Territory) filled with Urban Sketchers prints. 

Alejandro Santos artwork.

 Joaquin Aragón artwork.

Lluïsot artwork. 

 Lapin artwork.

 Miguel Herranz artwork.

  Cristina Curto artwork.

 Santi Sallés  artwork.

 Swasky artwork. 


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