Speaking about drawing at Sant Lluc School / Hablando sobre el dibujo en la escuela de Sant Lluc

After being invited by monsieur Lapin and el señor Sagar to give a speech about how I draw and what is drawing to me, I felt a bit scared. But after being speaking for a while everything I had been thinking about the weeks before came out. I hope I was at least a help for all the people was listening to me.

After I started my speech Lapin and Sagar introduced me and the work I'm on right now.
When I finished I showed my latest drawings and I asked some doubts and questions. It was pretty interesting because they were worried about if I always work directly without making first lines with a pencil or not. And the answer is right now I work without previous lines.

Then all the people drew their notebooks and showed their sketches and drawings from the last session held at the "Palau de la Música".

Then we went to "La Ciutadella" and started drawing. I spent my time taking pictures of such great bunch. But if you want you check here for more pictures.


  1. esto está genial, que envidia de ver a tanto dibujante junto

  2. I am agree with you, that is not only important to do things, but think and talk and share about it.

  3. Gracias/Than you! Sois unos máquinas!



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