After Coventry Workshop Segovia

I have never been in Segovia until last Easter Break. I went there because Isabel Carmona invite me. My family and I went there and visit a nice but not so touristic as Toledo. It is a great city to enjoy with plenty of monuments and secret stories behind, most of them told by stones.

Before leaving Barcelona I had two request one from Isabel and the other from Santi Sallés. Isabel asked me to buy plenty of different liquid watercolors from a catalan brand called Vallejo. They produce nice colors but some of them, unfortunately, fade with UV light. After wandering along some art shops I found all of them. Then, secondly, Santi asked me to bring to him a Noodlers, the Heart of Darkness or the Lexington Gray. None of the Noodlers inks are easy to find in the UK even in London so I couldn't accomplish his request.  Anyway I found three nice felt tip pens which are quite useful for drawing and they stand watercolor washes.

Segovia is quite handful and easy to go everywhere by foot. It is a city which in Easter Break is bit busy with plenty of people coming just for enjoying the old and traditional processions. Virgins and crucified Christ were strolled around. We visited places as the old Vera Cruz Church. A romanesque church which was founded by the knights templars in the 1208. What is really appealing is the 12 sides plant.

Segovia is really well-known because its roman aqueduct. What a great place, intricate, complicate but wonderful… Light in Castilla is

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