Drawing in Girona.

This last weekend I went to Girona with some people from Barcelona. It was the first time we meet both groups, not everybody anyway. It was a pleasant meeting and we had opportunity to draw a military recreation of french siege of the city in 1808.

Trobada a Girona. Comencem a la Catedral

David Pradas pick up us in the train station and lead us to the cathedral, there was all of rest of girona's sketchers. We introduce each other and then started drawing

La representació amb turistes.

Then started a play all the people starting taking pictures and stood up in front of us, messing around.

La cadireta de la Reina (o la Infanta)

Here it is the Queen's Throne an idea proposed by the Girona's Sketchers. All the people who come to Girona can draw from the same place. Here it is:

Mostra un mapa més gran

Then we went to have dinner in a typical local restaurant chain called König. Nice food and medium price.

Finalment els soldats

Here it is the last drawing in the city of Girona. We went to city walls and there, there was a group of soldiers who represented the city defenders, leaded by the General Álvarez de Castro.

But last but not least coming back to Barcelona I drew a portrait of Santi Sallés, but it is a different story that you can find out what is all about here

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