29th and 1/2 Barcelona's Sketchcrawl

A great day! We met new sketchcrawlers, we find the usual and the place to draw, "Els Encants" was perfect. But did a tad cold.

On the way to our meeting place, as usual, I get the train to go to Barcelona. People reading, staring or just gossiping.

Inside the Encants there are many sites that can be drawn. One of them is this above, introduced by Lapin.

Just in one of the main entraces there a kind of square where people go looking for bargains. And right in the middle there is this light pole, from which hang a lot of things, cables, lights, decorative brackets, etc...

Finally the Sketchcrawl bunch finished, after dinner, next to the Encants. Just in the newest buildings, the most moderns. At the 22@ district.


  1. me gusta muchísimo este último

  2. Gracias, Clara, a mi también. Sigo probando la mezcla entre líneas con bolígrafo y líneas con acuarela, además de las manchas de color.



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